Design Media Services

Web Design & Development

At Design Media we pride ourselves in designing great looking web sites with commercial considerations of business in mind. Web sites should attract visitors, keep visitors and convert visitors to clients. There are a number of ways of starting your Web Site design process, you can choose from our Web Site packages or have us design a custom Web Site - tailored to your needs. We will also redesign your present Web Site for better results.

Web Development Packages

Content Management System

A web content management system (web CMS) is a bundled or stand-alone application to create, manage, store and deploy content on Web pages. Web content includes text and embedded graphics, photos, video, audio, and code (e.g., for applications) that displays content or interacts with the user. Web CMSs usually allow client control over HTML-based content, files, documents, and web hosting plans based on the system depth and the niche it serves.


eCommerce Sites

E-commerce websites are sites that facilitate business or commercial transactions involving the transfer of information over the Internet. Types of e-commerce sites include but are not limited to: retail sites, auctions sites, music sites, business-to-business services and financial management sites. The rise of the Internet in the 1990s made it possible for businesses to reach new audiences over the web. Many businesses saw the potential to expand their customer base by offering goods and services online. The application of secure money transfers helped to spur online business growth.


Graphic Design

The creative team at Design Media blends inspiration, design skill and marketing expertise to create logo and identity designs, which perfectly reflect your company image. Whether you are in IT, real estate or e-business, you need someone with the talent and experience to help you in creating a great identity for your company.


Hosting for your site

In order for people throughout the world to view your website, those files must be copied or "uploaded" onto a special computer that is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day called a web server. Web servers are complex, powerful and highly reliable computers that have special high speed connections to the Internet to allow the transfer of files and e-mails along with special firewall software to protect hackers from accessing your files. When you buy a hosting package, you are renting webspace on a server in order to avoid all of the expense and technical aspects of doing it yourself.


Domain Registration

A domain name is the first step in making your web presence a reality. With over 25 000 domain names been registered daily around the world, the likely hood that the ideal domain name for you or you company will have already be taken. So don't delay in getting your domain registered today. Park your domain with us for free. Register your domain now before it is taken, and leave it on our servers until you are ready to use it.